The Future of AeroFest

Due to surmounting support from local and national parties, the next AeroFest is a go! In 2015, we accomplished our goals of bringing awareness to the needs of America’s injured heroes. Through a multi-dimensional celebration of music, games, food, and more, people of all ages gained a new depth of understanding about the endless possibilities for independent lifestyles of those wounded in their time of service to our great country. Numerous adaptive mobility vendors, educational entities, and hero games brought the gulf coast community together, bridging the gap between the able bodied and the disabled, proving that really, every body is an able one.

In the next AeroFest, we look forward to expanding our scope to include even more artists, vendors, entertainment, and more. Music of all genres, activities for all ages, and educational and vocational opportunities for the gulf coast community will be found at AeroFest. This party with a purpose is to recognize the sacrifices of those still suffering the wounds of war, but are brave and able to live full lives with the help of some adaptive tools. All proceeds go towards nonprofit Veterans organizations that seek to aid Veterans in need of all types of care. From suicide prevention to prosthetic distribution, our mission at AeroFest is to ensure all Veterans receive the chance for a fully active lifestyle once again. It is up to us to show appreciation for our Veterans and to give them the autonomy they deserve. AeroFest allows us to give back to them in appreciation for their sacrifices for our freedom.